About Us

Angela Lister Property Search & Acquisition was founded in 2000 by Angela Lister, a property acquisition agent with decades of experience in the London property market, with a vision to ensure that our clients acquire the finest property available on and off the market on the best possible terms.

The business was started to assist buyers who have likely already been through the process of using a traditional estate agent, only to find that they aren’t looking out for the best interests of the buyer, but instead have a legal obligation to the vendor to get them the best price possible for their property.

That’s where we are different. Our service is tailored to you, and only you. Our business has been built and has grown on recommendations, and our reputation for working with you to find your ideal property.

If you’re planning to acquire a property in London, your goal is to buy the finest property available on the best terms. Estate Agents’ main legal responsibility is to act on behalf of the seller to achieve the best price on their behalf, we don’t, we work on the buyers’ behalf so that they can find the right property at the right price based on in depth understanding of the client’s requirements and circumstances.